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Benoît PelletierÉlection au Québec : la fin d'une campagne sens dessus dessous
Radio-Canada (20:45- 25:40)
Date: Samedi 5 avril 2014
Étant donné l'arrivée imminente des élections provinciales au Québec, Benoît Pelletier fait le point sur ce que tous les candidates mettent sur la table.

Pauline Marois and husband accused of breaking PQ fundraising rules in 2007 leadership campaign
National Post
Date: Monday March 31st, 2014
After insisting for months that her charter of Quebec values does not infringe on religious rights, Parti Québécois Premier Pauline Marois announced that she intends to invoke the notwithstanding clause to shield it from possible court challenges. Benoît Pelletier said use of the notwithstanding clause, “often carries a political price. It limits individual rights to respond to collective needs or collective interests.”

Pierre FoucherAnglophones need a clear voice in the Quebec bureaucracy
Montreal Gazette
Date: Wednesday April 2nd, 2014
English-speaking communities are in decline as a percentage of Quebec’s total population. In a chapter of Decline and Prospects pertaining to the legal status of Quebec’s English-speaking communities, Pierre Foucher maintained that while the English language is not in jeopardy in Quebec, English-speaking communities are. 

Markus GehringBattleground shifts for Japanese whale hunt, Canadian seal hunt
Global News Canada
Date: Tuesday April 1st, 2014
Animal rights groups were pleased on Monday when an International Court of Justice found that Japan’s “scientific” whaling program was not for research purposes and was illegal. Markus Gehring contests that this ruling shows a shift in how international panels evaluate environmental and conservation issues.

David RobitailleLes entreprises privées de juridiction fédérale doivent respecter la Loi 101
Publication :
Huffington PostLe Droit & Droit Inc.
Date : Le samedi 29 mars et 7 avril 2014
Le professeur David Robitaille et l'étudiant diplômé Pierre Rogué publient un texte dans lequel on discute de l'applicabilité de la Loi 101 aux entreprises fédérales au Québec.
Lire des extraits de l'analyse juridique à paraître prochainement dans la Revue de droit de l’Université de Sherbrooke.

Ordre du mérite 2014

The Civil Law Section is currently accepting nominations for the Ordre du mérite, the highest distinction awarded to its alumni in order to recognize their professional success and major accomplishments. 


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